Heaven Roll

Coconut shrimp, avocado, scallion and asparagus wrapped with tempura Kani,smothered with a mix of Japanese mayo,lime zest, chili oil, scallion and a bang of 5 spices

Heaven Roll

Shrimp Stuffed Wonton

Jumbo shrimp and cream cheese wrapped in a wonton skin then deep fried, served in a Maui onion sauce


Tuna Fire Balls

Minced spicy tuna blended with jalapeno and cream cheese, hand formed into a ball, battered and fried golden brown






Jade Dragon

Jumbo tempura shrimp, avacado, asparagus, mayo and scallion inside then layered with avacado served with sweet sauce to give this larger roll a "jade dragon" apperance





Tuna Tataki

Seared tuna in a garlic, chili ponzu sauce, topped with enoki mushrooms and cucumber salad

Pork Medallion

Pan seared pork medallion, with 3 types of mushrooms topped with teriyaki glaze served with vegetables and rice